Specializing in Fleet Maintenance Managment for Heavy Duty Trucks, Yard Goats, Trailers and Chassis.

Our Community Commitment

Supporting the South Bay

91 Bravo's priority is the safety of our mechanics, our clients, and our community. Most of the vehicles we inspect and repair are constantly on the road. Our mechanics and administrative staff service every unit with this understanding in mind. Keeping our clients' equipment in safe operating conditions ensures that our family and friends can drive on a safer road.

The 91 Bravo Service Appreciation Award

In order to further develop our social service, 91 Bravo is granting a monthly award to organizations within our community of the South Bay. We strongly believe that these monthly contributions will help strengthen our commitment by providing the community with support in areas our services do not currently influence.

The Little Lion Foundation

The Month Of February Awardee

Founded in 2016, The Little Lion Foundation has worked toward making the world a better place for neonatal and underage kittens. Their mission is to stop the needless euthanasia of kittens in the shelter system. This organization is an all volunteer based team dedicated to saving the lives of orphaned kittens in need and finding each and every one the home they deserve. They specialize in neonatal, orphaned, and special needs kittens as well as trauma cases. The Little Lion Foundations saves the ones left discarded; from blind kittens to kittens with physical disabilities and deformities, they believe every kitten is worth fighting for and every cat deserves to roar. Another aspect of rescue this organization focuses on is called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). TNR plays a very important role in stopping the overpopulation of cats in our neighborhoods. This is a program in which stray, feral cats are caught and taken to be sterilized, vaccinated, and released back to their outdoor homes. TNR helps reduce the amount of cats and kittens euthanized in the shelter system simply for being unadoptable while simultaneously stopping the addition of thousands more of these misunderstood felines. We are honored to have granted The Little Lion Foundation with the 91 Bravo Service Appreciation Award.

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The Month Of January Awardee

This San Pedro based organization helps instill character, integrity and love into boys and girls ages 9.5-17. South Bay Youth Mentors, Inc provides the youth with military-styled physical training, intellectually cultivating activities, and trips in and out of state. This organization aims to prepare the youth of our community for adulthood and any challenge life may hold in store. For these reasons, and many more, 91 Bravo has awarded South Bay Youth Mentors, Inc with the 91 Bravo Service Appreciation Award.

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Client Nominations

In appreciation of our esteemed clients, 91 Bravo has opened this award to nominations. 91 Bravo's current clients are allowed to nominate the organizations they believe make a difference in our community and deserve to have their service recognized. The 91 Bravo Service Appreciation Award Committee takes all nominations into consideration for the monthly award. This combined effort allows our clients to support the organizations they are closely affiliated with and helps our company learn more about the various organizations that contribute to the improvement of our community.