Specializing in Fleet Maintenance Managment for Heavy Duty Trucks, Yard Goats, Trailers and Chassis.

Servicing Trailers in the Film & T.V. Industry

Before filming, all heavy duty trucks and specialty trailers 

must be current on 90-Day Safety (B.I.T.) inspections and 

DOT annual inspections in order to be on-set and adhere to 

state and local laws.

91 Bravo’s qualified inspectors can perform 90-Day 

Safety Inspections and D.O.T. Annual Inspections for 

Hollywood’s premier trailer companies onsite or on-set.

Our qualified inspectors provide paperwork 

that is complaint per federal code §396.21 pertaining 

to periodic inspection recordkeeping requirements.

Along with our 90-Day Safety inspections and DOT Annual inspections, we also can perform heavy duty truck repairs and trailer repairs on-set, allowing cast trailers to operate at their finest.

We service: 

Star trailers

Office Trailers

Production Trailers

Wardrobe Trailers



And More...